[CentOS] RHEV guest tools

Thu Dec 29 08:58:42 UTC 2011
Trey Dockendorf <treydock at gmail.com>

On Dec 29, 2011 2:25 AM, "Johan Kooijman" <mail at johankooijman.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We're running RHEV as our main virtualization platform. Most of our
> guests are CentOS though. Do you guys know if there's a guest tools
> package for CentOS available like there is for Windows for example?
> Can't really find an answer here.
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I dont use RHEV (yet) but being that its based on KVM and libvirt I dont
think you need guest tools.  When you configure in RHEV Manager does it
identify the paravirtual devices as virtio?  If so then its standard in the
kernel used by CentOS since around 5.5.  I run all my CentOS VMs on the KVM
/ libvirt platform and systems install fine without any additional tools.
The only additional thing I install is acpid to allow the VM manager to
perform shutdowns and reboots.

- Trey