[CentOS] Sources for extras??

Sun Dec 4 21:49:12 UTC 2011
Beartooth <beartooth at comcast.net>

	With invaluable help here, I've just gotten 6.0 onto a PC. I went 
through the listings in PackageKit, removing things I know I'll never 
use; ran yum update; installed Opera; went to the epel, rpmfusion, and 
one whose name slips my mind (It's a new name.); enabled them all; and 
tried to get a lot of my regular apps : 
   Setting up Install Process
   No package dillo available.
   No package epiphany available.
   No package galeon available.
   No package midori available.
   No package privoxy available.
   No package seamonkey available.
   Error: Nothing to do
   [root at localhost ~]#

	Does this mean I have to go chugging all over the web, digging 
out one (hopefully not quite obsolete) rpm after another? Is there no 
easier way??

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