[CentOS] LPR to windows lpd question

Mon Dec 5 21:09:33 UTC 2011
Tharun Kumar Allu <tharun.allu at gmail.com>

Hi All,
I am trying to print from a CentOS 5.3 server to a windows LPD
service. After enabling the LPD service on Windows and creating a LPR
port to a particular printer when I execute the following command on
CentOS server I do not come out.
lpr -H winprint:515 -P printer1  file.txt

The above command does not exit. Do I need to configure anything on
the server to be able to use lpr as a client ?
Ultimately I want to use the above command to print to various
printers based on different parameters.

On a different note when I execute the same command on Fedora 14 I get
Unknown as the error.