[CentOS] How to list virt machine size with virsh?

Fri Dec 9 08:41:27 UTC 2011
Theo Band <theo.band at greenpeak.com>

I have started to migrate one CentOS5 machine from xen to kvm. The
stability of the machine is much better (too much crashes with xen).
I was used to do a "xm list" to get a list of clients. On the KVM
machine I need to do a "virsh list".
What I miss in that overview is the memory size of clients. I found
"virsh dominfo <client>" but that is for just that one client (and I
have several running).
The same question for "xm top". I found that there seems to exist
virt-top, but I could not find this in a repository for Centos5.

virt-manager is a little overkill on this machine (it does work though
but I like command line quick info).