[CentOS] Pass iPhone/iTouch through kvm to Win7 VM?

Sat Dec 24 22:53:42 UTC 2011
David McGuffey <davidmcguffey at verizon.net>

I'm all Linux at home and trying to get a Win7 running in a VM on CentOS
5.6 and kvm to connect to my iTouch and iPhone.

When I plug the iPhone in and run lsusb I get an address of 05AC:12A0

I put that into a hostdev block in the xml file that defines the VM.

<hostdev mode='subsystem' type='usb' managed='no'>
        <vendor id='0x0781'/>
        <product id='0x554f'/>

But...no joy.

Anyone get kvm to pass an iTouch or iPhone through to the VM so it can
communicate with iTunes?