[CentOS] how to move forward/undo/revert/fix re: a failed CentOS 5.5 to SL 5.5 migration ... [SOLVED?]

Wed Feb 2 09:04:22 UTC 2011
Lorenzo Quatrini <lorenzo.quatrini at gmail.com>

Larry Vaden ha scritto:
> AFAIK, that's the status of the clones at this time.  Still unexplained is why
> 'host www.yahoo.com' and 'host www.yahoo.com'
> got completely different answers.
For what I know OpenDNS (, does some more
"caching" and  puts on play some more distribution algorithms on it's own,
that's why it doesn't give the same answers that other dns do.
I remember there where issues also about www.google.com not giving the
"official" google server but their own cache.