[CentOS] x25 line xterm

Fri Feb 4 23:05:03 UTC 2011
Gé Weijers <ge at weijers.org>

On Fri, 4 Feb 2011, Hal Davison wrote:

> Noted that xterm by default uses 24 lines
> per window.
> I have reviewed /etc/termcap looking for a
> specific entry for xterm that I can edit
> to change the ln#24 to ln#25 for our
> application.

Text-mode applications should get their screen size from the terminal 
settings, i.e. directly from the kernel, unless that information is 
missing. If you run 'xterm -geometry 80x25' you get a terminal that has 
the size you're looking for. The 'stty -a' command will show the actual 
dimensions, btw.

Editing the geometry in termcap/terminfo will not do anything unless you 
use a real serial port to connect to your system, xterm et. al. will 
override it.