[CentOS] future version of bind for el5

Sun Feb 6 03:23:37 UTC 2011
Nico Kadel-Garcia <nkadel at gmail.com>

2011/2/5 fakessh @ <fakessh at fakessh.eu>:
> hello all the people
> I'd call http://people.redhat.com/ atkac ~ / official member of the team
> redhat for news of future versions of bind 9.7 for el5

rpm.pbone.net shows
and ftp://mirror.switch.ch/pool/1/mirror/scientificlinux/5rolling/i386/SL/bind97-utils-9.7.0-6.P2.el5.i386.rpm
in the search for RPM's containing the string "bind97". in their name.
This is a vaguely useful way to distinguish non-standard, upgraded
versions of RHEL components for parallel releases, and if some
enterprising soul wants to get it into some repository like RPMforge
for people not using Scientific Linux, that would be cool.