[CentOS] SSH AllowUser WildCard

Tue Feb 8 15:02:55 UTC 2011
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> It didnt work.
> Here is the logs:
> Feb  7 18:17:25 server sshd[3537]: reverse mapping checking 
> getaddrinfo for AA-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.AAAA.host.com failed - 
> Feb  7 18:17:25 server sshd[3537]: User root from 
> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx not allowed because not listed in AllowUsers
> But my AllowedUsers has an root@*host.com
> Stephen


look at your previous posts / examples

you mention bob logging in from different remote addresses...

n ot "root"

bob is not equal to root in system account on security terms


the security logs are telling you that root cannot login from remote per
config and is not an allowed user.

root will never be able to login unless you allow root logins.

enable bob login and go back to "bob" scenario eh?

 - rh