[CentOS] Ken Olsen od DEC, 1927-2011

Wed Feb 9 00:53:33 UTC 2011
Les Bell <lesbell at lesbell.com.au>

Raymond Lillard <ryl at sonic.net> wrote:

The statement is generally quoted without context as it is here.

Correct. Olsen is also famous for saying "People will get tired of managing
personal computers and will want instead terminals, maybe with windows."
(by which he meant, a windowing graphical terminal, a la X). He was right
about that; witness the popular disenchantment with MS Windows and its
endless cycle of patching, upgrades, malware removal and registry cleanup,
and the fascination with cloud services accessed by lightweight clients
like netbooks, tablets and phones. That's been good for the Linux and
Centos communities, who have provided low-maintenance services for clients
both on the desktop and in the cloud.

I venture to say that DEC was an influence on many of the old hands here
and on other lists. The PDP-8 was the first computer I actually got my
hands on (as opposed to being walked through the machine room and told
"Don't touch anything! This is where your code gets compiled and run -
careful with the card deck on top of that tape drive behind you!"). And
later, I found myself teaching business students to program on a PDP-11/70
running RSTS/E. DEC was certainly heavily influential in our industry, both
directly and indirectly, and Olsen was - of course - hugely influential on


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