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Wed Feb 9 02:20:00 UTC 2011
Dave Stevens <geek at uniserve.com>

Quoting "Dr. Ed Morbius" <dredmorbius at gmail.com>:

> on 16:34 Tue 08 Feb, Raymond Lillard (ryl at sonic.net) wrote:
>> On 02/08/2011 03:28 PM, Dr. Ed Morbius wrote:
>> > on 17:02 Tue 08 Feb, Les Mikesell (lesmikesell at gmail.com) wrote:
>> >> On 2/8/2011 4:40 PM, Johnny H wrote:
>> >>> Thanks Mark, for this and your previous email.
>> >> Unfortunately, the thing he will probably be most remembered for is the
>> >> 1977 quote: "There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in
>> >> his home."
>> I respectfully disagree.  One mis-statement in a public speech
>> does not come close to defining the man.
>> The statement is generally quoted without context as it is
>> here.  He was actually speaking of computer controlled homes,
>> (temperature, lighting, etc...)  rather than the PC (entertainment
>> and communication) found in most homes today.  We are of course,
>> sneaking up on the home control thing (energy management), so in
>> time he will have been mistaken in the context he intended.
>> Ironically, in those years my well appointed apartment was
>> furnished with a surplus PDP-8, an air mattress, stereo system
>> and a Mr Coffee.  This was of course prior to wife and family.  :-)
>> I did get to keep the stereo system.
>> > In fairness, Olsen wasn't the only one to make a comically understated
>> > estimate of future widespread computer use.  Ed Yourdon proclaimed in
>> > 1975 (the year Apple Computer was founded):  "unless you're very rich
>> > or very eccentric, you'll never have your own computer".  In fairness, he
>> > fessed up to it in a later book:  http://bit.ly/hlIO1v
>> Others have made similarly short-sighted remarks in public places.
>> Most of us make them on less exalted stages and so are not called
>> to account.
> Most of us aren't CEOs of leading tech firms, with a core professional
> competency being to sort which way the wind blows (or self-proclaimed
> tech visionaries in Yourdon's case).
> That said:  in tech, the wind changes direction often, and there are
> many examples of the one-time pack leader making what are seen to be
> highly inaccurate dismissals of an upstart technology or products.
> Usually in the midst of trying to turn back the tide.
> I'm just wracking my brains right now to think if there might possibly
> be some examples involving Linux, but I can't for the life of me think
> of one.

How about, "this will be the year of Linux on the desktop!"

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