[CentOS] Samba or NFS

Fri Feb 11 22:50:33 UTC 2011
Jerry McAllister <jerrymc at msu.edu>

On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 05:43:46PM -0500, Alfredo Perez wrote:

> Hello
> Thinking of setup a backup process between two Centos systems.
> One will backup to the other one. For those people out there with
> Centos production severs what would you recommend to use

Do you mean you want the backup machine to be essentially 
a copy of the main machine?   Or do you mean you just want to
store backup files on the backup machine?

> Samba or NFS

Samba or NFS???   No

To do the first - maintain a copy of the first machine on the
backup machine, use rsync and ssh for 'authentication' and 
data transmission.

For the other, keeping backup files on the other machine, 
use dump(8) over the net to the files on the backup machine.

> What is the most common and simple to use?

As above.


> Many thanks in advance
> Alfredo

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