[CentOS] Software RAID vs 'fake/ on-board RAID'

Sun Feb 13 21:07:09 UTC 2011
David Hornford <dave at qillaq.com>

We are setting up a low usage server for an alfresco km/collaboration system
It is a low-end server with a pair of 1.5 TB disks we will be mirroring
The server comes with Intel's on-board 'fake raid/ low-end RAID' capability
and for price reasons we have not selected a mainstream RAID card

Prior thoughts:
Searches on the net indicate no performance advantage, and possible
performance disadvantages to the on-board RAID
I expect Intel & the Centos product to be rough equivalents in quality

I am leaning to software RAID for a simple reason of minimizing my
administration & operational burden. If I need to perform repairs, obtain
alerts it is the same administration toolset rather than a BIOS-based tool
that seems to be accessible only through boot/ reboot.

Over a reasonable lifecycle are we better served going with the on-board or
Centos' software RAID?
Any issue with booting from the RAID (obviously RAID 1)?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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