[CentOS] Security: gnome-screensaver VS. switch user

Sun Feb 13 21:22:18 UTC 2011
Mark <mhullrich at gmail.com>

On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 12:26 PM, erikmccaskey64
<erikmccaskey64 at zoho.com> wrote:
> People "usually" suspend their laptop, so that they can continue their work
> when they open the laptop. OK!
> Two choices [GNOME]:
> 1 - Menu -> Shut Down -> Suspend
> in this case, the gnome-screensaver locks the PC. but the gnome-screensaver
> is just a "normal process", and it could be killed e.g.:
> http://securitytube.net/USB-Autorun-attacks-against-Linux-at-Shmoocon-2011-video.aspx
> or using any method [video was just an example!!].
> 2 - Menu -> Log out -> Switch user -> Suspend
> in this case, the GDM [???] protects the user [i mean it locks the PC from
> other users]
> Which one is more secure/safer?

You should consider asking this in the gnome users's group rather than
two (or more?) OS groups that happen to use gnome.

There is a third option, hibernation, which you did not mention, but
essentially they are all more or less equally secure - they all
require login password authentication to resume operation once the
computer is "brought back."