[CentOS] Any update on 5.6 / 6?

Tue Feb 15 13:59:06 UTC 2011
robert mena <robert.mena at gmail.com>

That's a lovely story.

But if that applies to CentOS core team (i.e they do not want to receive
money) why don't use the money to hire more staff to do some of their tasks,
specially those that they haven't been able to do in the way they would like
them to be done.

But it seems that I am barking at the wrong tree and find a way to pay
RedHat for all CentOS machine that I have, since this is a 8 or 80 matter
for some (i.e shut up and take whatever you get  X pay something that you
can't afford).

On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 9:42 AM, Kwan Lowe <kwan.lowe at gmail.com> wrote:

> There used to be this farmer, Red,  that sold the most delicious
> fruit.  They were very good fruits. Many people liked them and bought
> them for their families. The farmer would make the fruit seeds
> available, as was the custom in the land.
> Another farmer, Fred, decided to take the seeds and start growing some
> of his own fruit. It took weeks to grow the fruit. The only difference
> was that he didn't put on the little Red sticker.   Instead he put on
> a Fred sticker.  Many people used the Fred version.  Fred gave away
> his fruit.
> Many people started showing up for the free Fred version. Still, Fred
> continued to give away the fruit. In fact he turned down donations
> because a part of him didn't want to get paid for doing something like
> that.  There were whole books Fred had read about altruism and the
> death of altruism and how money corrupts.  Those thoughts maybe did
> not apply to Fred's garden, but Fred maybe realized that money wasn't
> the chief motivation for laboring for weeks and then giving away the
> fruit. After all, Fred was a great farmer, and if needed could very
> well sell his farming expertise for boatloads of money.
> People started showing up.  Some didn't know about the work that Fred
> had put into his fruit. Some wanted to know when the fruit would be
> ready. Some went as far as asking why the fruit wasn't ready.  Some
> said, "Farmer Red grew his fruit months ago. Farmer Jed already has
> grown his fruit. Why haven't you?"  Some said, "I don't know much
> about farming, but you should get people to help.  Not me, since I
> know nothing of farming, but get other people."  Some said, "I don't
> know much about farming. I want to help."  Some said, "I've never
> farmed this fruit before, but I can help."
> Now Fred had read this book about how adding farmers to a field won't
> necessarily make the fruit grow any faster.  Maybe it's true, he
> thought.  Some of the experienced farmers had already been helping
> anyway, so that was something.
> I don't know how Fred continues to do his farming. But I appreciate
> the free fruit. I appreciate the great effort that Fred has put into
> the fruit, despite the chorus of voices asking why the fruit doesn't
> arrive sooner.  It's good fruit and worth waiting for.
> (I apologize for the OT post that has nothing to do with CentOS).
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