[CentOS] Bacula

Wed Feb 16 00:07:51 UTC 2011
Craig White <craigwhite at azapple.com>

On Tue, 2011-02-15 at 23:27 +0000, Johnny H wrote:
> Dear all,
> I get a message from root as follows;
> 09-Feb 11:26 bacula-dir JobId 0: Fatal error: Could not open Catalog
> "MyCatalog", database "bacula".
> 09-Feb 11:26 bacula-dir JobId 0: Fatal error: postgresql.c:227 Unable
> to connect to PostgreSQL server. Database=bacula User=bacula
> Possible causes: SQL server not running; password incorrect;
> max_connections exceeded.
> 09-Feb 11:26 bacula-dir ERROR TERMINATION
> Please correct configuration file: /etc/bacula/bacula-dir.conf
> Does anyone know how to check if the database for bacula exists and
> how to start it?
> I would like to know how to view tape archives?
> Thank you if anyone can help.
bacula will create the database if there is a user with password and
permissions suitable for the task. There is ample documentation at


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