[CentOS] Bacula

Wed Feb 16 05:18:33 UTC 2011
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 02/15/11 5:22 PM, Craig White wrote:
> talk to the system&  database administrator for the machine, assuming
> they are interested in getting it backed up. I think by default, user
> 'postgres' doesn't need a password but then again, I wouldn't use that
> user on active database. I would create a user for that purpose...it's
> rather trivial.

indeed, my examples were purely for diagnostic purposes.   the postgres 
unix account should ONLY be used for database administration.

it typically has no password on a clean install, I showed the # prompt 
to indicate those commands would be issued by root.

if you're doing an initial install of bacula (I was assuming this was a 
previously working system that somehow stopped working), then something 

# su - postgres
postgres$ psql
postgres=> create user bacula with password 'xxxyyy';
postgres=> create database bacula with owner bacula;
postgres=> \q

postgres$ exit


would create a bacula SQL user and a empty bacula database owned by this 
user, which you could use for bacula.