[CentOS] Any update on 5.6 / 6?

Wed Feb 16 14:58:31 UTC 2011
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Hi David,

On 02/16/2011 12:50 PM, David Sommerseth wrote:
> Exactly!  Supporters who could most probably do even more, than just to sit
> here idle waiting for the next release - if we only knew what the issues
> are they are facing.

So what happened in the early days of when EL6 came out - we asked 
people to help, there were many threads on how people could get involved 
( on the centos-devel list, which is - I am sure you will agree, the 
appropriate place ). Nothing happened, not one person beyond the 
usual-people actually did anything.

After a few weeks, when people started getting antsy about the fact that 
they cant see progress (I dont know why they would care, given they dont 
want to help) more noise started getting made about how we ( and i mean 
the people doing the work ) were being difficult and not open. So the 
process of asking for help started again in mid/late December. A few 
people did get involved and we did see some level of open involvement. 
Even at the cost of not doing anything ourselves, but spending all of 
our open source time on helping people get into the right mindset and 
educating them to get into helpful situations.

Things tapered off again with near zero momentum.

Now the bit that really cheeses me off is that we cant go through the 
same loop again and again everytime someone new comes along and cant be 
bothered to see what has happened in the past. I am not saying you did 
this, its possible you didnt know about the existence of these threads 
on centos-devel etc.

To cut a long story short - lots of people who use centos dont 
understand what the project is about, what we do, why we do it and how 
they can help. On the other hand, we also seem unable to hold people's 
attention ( and i mean people at large, not just the centos community ) 
in order to get them thinking about the project ( and not the distro, 
remember project != distro, needs of the hour are trivial, needs for the 
project to sustain and exist are more important ).

We can try to solve these problems now, or we can get the distro's out - 
then goto solving these issues. As many have suggested, and I partially 
buy into - solving the problems while there is a need for the distro is 
likely to get a better and wider reception. On the other hand, getting 
the distro's out gets more urgent with every package release upstream 
and app release side-stream / internet / inhouse etc.

The problems can be solved. Of all similar projects I know of and have 
had the privilege to be a part of, none come close to the maturity and 
pragmatic thought levels that the CentOS community has. On the other 
hand, the drive-by posters and people with random fluff to 
not-really-contribute are always going to an issue. I guess its 
reasonable to expect them around as well, serves as a nice reminder as 
to what the extreme sets are.

For now, as was really decided on the centos-devel list, lets just do 
things the way centos has in the past. lets get the distro's out - and 
then look at solving specific issues. The whole idea that people cant 
help is just noise, hopefully the website ver2 project will make that 
visible a bit more than has been so far. I do know that once the 
distro's are out; the number of people wanting to 'help' is also going 
to fall drastically. On the other hand, the ones who do stick around are 
all people who really do want to help!


- KB