[CentOS] Any update on 5.6 / 6?

Fri Feb 18 19:47:14 UTC 2011
Mathieu Baudier <mbaudier at argeo.org>

> Anyway, listmaster, I vote to kick him off the list.

As others have already pointed out, by definition of the CentOS
project this list is very vulnerable to trolling around releases of
new versions.

A troll (maybe not the right term, but that's what comes to my mind)
just has to come and ask THE question (see subject of this thread) in
order to start a flame war.

So, a pragmatic idea could be to kick temporarily out anybody (him,
you, me, ...) asking THE question until the actual release, and then
authorize them again afterward (so that it is not too hard a

Just an idea.
(I don't care much myself, but I really feel sorry for the people who
are currently spending their free time on the rebuild and have to
endure this)