[CentOS] Any update on 5.6 / 6?

Mon Feb 21 01:50:25 UTC 2011
Always Learning <centos at g7.u22.net>

Hoi Dag,

> This was in a direct response to Johnny ;-) No worries, I put the context 
> back so it's clear *why* I replied this. It's not that I am impatient for 
> CentOS 6.0. In fact I switched to RHEL6.
> Regardless, I do think CentOS 5.6 is much more important than CentOS 6.0. 
> As there is a direct security impact to users.

I was concerned about, and very keen to avoid, any pressures being put
on the Centos team. They are doing their best for the benefit of
probably many millions of grateful and dedicated Centos users around the

I admire very much what you and the others have done to provide builds
and a very large repository for the benefit of millions - not only of
Centos users. The public spirited nature of your (plural, d.w.z. jullie)
endeavours, including the Centos team, is awesome and inspiring. It is
amazing the good a few dedicated individuals can do for the remainder of
humanity - hopefully it encourage others to work  a little 'Pro Bono
Publico' in their chosen expertise.

With best regards,