[CentOS] Any update on 5.6 / 6?

Mon Feb 21 17:34:28 UTC 2011
Ian Murray <murrayie at yahoo.co.uk>

> Seeing  as how we are currently dealing with 2 trees in the QA directory
> for testing  right now (4.9 and 5.6) ... 6.0 will be waiting until we get
> those out of  QA.

I recall discussing this off-list with Johnny, like a year and a half ago (Wed, 
12 August, 2009 14:25:18)

I said....

>  IMHO you have insufficient
> resilience to maintain a regular schedule if life throws up an
> unexpected issue, esp when 6.X comes out because you will be maintaining
> another stream of code, on top of the previous releases. It's a hell of
> a commitment and am concerned that the infrastructure isn't in place to
> deal with it. You say it is, but the there are tiny signs that it isn't,
> e.g. delay to 5.3 bc of Karanbir's wedding and the the Lance open letter
> tells me that things aren't just sorted out in teh background seemlessly.
> Regads,
> Ian.

Johnny's response was....

> WRT resilience, we have plenty of resources.  Point releases have always
> taken 2-4 weeks to complete ... and now we add some QA time to it as
> well (as asked for by the community).
> We have been in operation for 5 years ... we have retired CentOS-2.1 and
> have 3 active distros.
> we have had 4 active before with no real issues.

I am not trying to pick a fight here, or "told you so" but I don't think you can 
put your hand on your heart and so that has really held-up, now that 6.0 is 
really upon us.

Unfortunately, it is the same arguments now as it was then and in that sense, 
the project hasn't really adapted... but I guess in your eyes, there is no need 
to adapt. Just that these arguments are going to go on and on, release after 

I do urge you to change the name and take the ENTerprise out of it. Clearly the 
build infrastructure is not enterprise ready and we are oft told that if we need 
enterprise ready build infrastructure, go buy Redhat. Which is fair enough, in