[CentOS] Alternative to cPanel

Wed Feb 23 18:47:20 UTC 2011
John Hinton <webmaster at ew3d.com>

On 2/23/2011 9:49 AM, Trutwin, Joshua wrote:
> I was leaning towards webmin/virtualmin but thought I'd check with 
> this list
> for any suggestions.  Had bad experiences with Plesk from a while
> ago so leaving that off the table.  We have experience with cPanel
> through another fail host, it's ok but too much stuff and too
> expensive.
> Josh

I have been running webmin/virtualmin/usermin for a number of years. A 
few things factored into my decision. The main one was I didn't want to 
be stuck inside of a 'box'. So far, 'almost anything' you want to do via 
command line has no interference with what is done via the interface. 
Also, within most of the modules, is the ability to simply open the 
config files for the service and do direct edits. The Webmin project is 
very active. If you have a problem or perceived bug, and no one else 
gets around to answering, you will normally hear back from Jamie Cameron 
the man behind it all, within hours of making a post. That is very rare 
these days. Basically, I find the system very flexible and highly 
configurable. In fact, there are several of my ideas for the system that 
have been put into place. In fact one, years ago, was to get the CentOS 
OS recognized within the system and it was done and of course still does.

The downside is that the interfaces are a bit geeky. One thing I would 
like to see is a total rewrite of all the module interfaces in Usermin 
in an attempt to better define things for the layman. Yes, the end user 
can do things that you allow. No, most end users won't really understand 
what they're trying to do. I think those 'boxes' in Plesk and cPanel 
better address those items due to the nature of 'boxes'. When I say 
'boxes', I'm referring to the Windows world config boxes that pop up 
forcing you down a particular road with no method for customizations.

John Hinton
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