[CentOS] Alternative to cPanel

Wed Feb 23 19:18:38 UTC 2011
Trutwin, Joshua <JTRUTWIN at CSBSJU.EDU>

> > I certainly don't plan to allow access to webmin save for a couple selected
> > IP's and I'm not surprised to see any web application have security
> > vulnerabilities.  But if it's on par with something like phpbb as far as security
> > problems go, I'll probably look elsewhere.

> No where close! And I know that from a few phpbb installs being hacked on
> some of my webmin servers. LOL!!!

Haha same (pristing phpbb, latest source, hacked in weeks).  I don't even know what to compare to phpbb - phpnuke maybe?  I won't even bother mentioning a certain DNS server as it's already being discussed ad nauseum.  :)

Anyway - OT now.  Appreciate the feedback on the thread, I have some research to do...