[CentOS] Alternative to cPanel

Wed Feb 23 22:13:06 UTC 2011
yonatan pingle <yonatan.pingle at gmail.com>

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 4:49 PM, Trutwin, Joshua <JTRUTWIN at csbsju.edu> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm looking to setup a new CentOS box for a buddy of mine who
> wants to do hosting on a server via CoLo, Years ago I whipped up a CP of my
> own on a Debian box he colo’d running a basterdized qmail/tinydns and custom
> built httpd/mysql/etc (I was young).  It worked ok but time to move on and I
> don't have time to maintain all those packages.  I also don't have
> time to write another CP or port my PoS to it.  I’m also just going to use
> the
> default  packages (bind, postfix, etc) instead of the DJB stuff.
> Main requirements are fairly straightforward:
> 1. able to add/manage domains, ssl cert management, manage DNS records
> 2. able to manage email accounts and anti-spam settings
> 3. able to add/manage mysql and pgsql (nice to have)
> 4. user management - ftp/ssh accounts, password change, etc.
> 5. nice to have: add a wordpress blog / xcart store to a site
> 6. nice to have: users have own login to do some of the above for their
> domain only
> 7. nice to have: integrated website stats (awstats or equiv)
> 8. not optional - should have a focus on security
> Stuff like viewing logs, automated billing, hosting plans, managing backups,
> bandwidth monitoring, uploading web pages, managing server patches,
> adding new software, etc. I don't mind leaving off or doing myself.  Willing
> to
> pay a license, but not a huge budget.
> I was leaning towards webmin/virtualmin but thought I'd check with this list
> for any suggestions.  Had bad experiences with Plesk from a while
> ago so leaving that off the table.  We have experience with cPanel
> through another fail host, it's ok but too much stuff and too
> expensive.
> Josh
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Hey there,
some are run with ispconfig some with cPanel , some use DirectAdmin
control panel ,
DirectAdmin which proven itself to be a reliable hosting panel "layman
friendly" , would be my suggestion.
if you are talking about hosting your own stuff, it won't be needed
,but when it comes to providing third party access to the account,
cPanel or DirectAdmin are the best choice.

Best Regards,
Yonatan Pingle