[CentOS] OT: Ecommerce hosting

Thu Feb 24 16:46:07 UTC 2011
ken <gebser at mousecar.com>

On 02/23/2011 09:18 PM Thomas Dukes wrote:
> Would appreciate some suggestions for ecommerce hosting.  Been using, cough,
> cough, godaddy, for about 5 or 6 yrs but in the last year or so, they really
> suck. Did the hosting myself for a while prior to going with godaddy but I
> don't have time to babysit. Seems godaddy would rather spend millions
> advertising during the Super Bowl than put that money to good use.
> TIA!!
> ....

It seems you're aware of the cost/quality issue on the provider side.
So don't just pick the most inexpensive one yourself.  Having hosted
yourself, you understand that there's some effort and expense involved.
 Adjust your expectations accordingly.  For instance, I'd stay away from
Blue Host.  They're inexpensive and have just one hosting package.  And
they don't make adjustments to it to fit your needs.  They're fine for
someone who just wants to have "their own" website.  And they have lots
of ports open, including for https.  But they have a lot of ports open
:) and it's part of the hosting package.

On the other hand, 1and1.com has a variety of packages, all with
different features.  So you can select which you want/need.  You can
also up- and downgrade your selected hosting package anytime you want.
I've found the guys who answer the phones there to be helpful and
knowledgeable and willing to spend time with you.  That's good to have
when you need it.  They're a German company working out of Pennsylvania
and seem to get the expertise/cordiality mix pretty good.

A buddy of mine did hosting out of his house for after-work pocket
money.  He charge $15/month, but for that price he couldn't offer any
support.  His thinking was if he spent a half hour on the phone with a
customer in a month, effectively this wiped out his profit on that site.
 If you believe time is money, it's not hard to see his thinking.

As you hunt, keep in mind what you need the hosting service to provide.
 And then be sure to ask if they provide it.