[CentOS] VMware (was Re: current bind version)

Fri Feb 25 05:24:58 UTC 2011
David Brian Chait <dchait at invenda.com>

On 2/24/11 8:56 PM, Scott Robbins wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 03:44:32PM +1300, Machin, Greg wrote:
> <snip of good information>
>> Rather use ESXi 4.1 and get
>> up and running quickly. If your hardware is not on the supported list
>> there are other lists of tested hardware where people have it running on
>> "Unsupported" hardware.
>> Player is not a solution if the Virtual machine needs to be running
>> 24/7. It's more suited to testing and demo use.
> Agreed--I haven't really found server, however, to be all that great for
> 24/7, so I assumed (and we know what happens when one assumes), that it
> was being used for testing.  For any sort of production use, ESXi 4.1 is
> quite good.

> Player isn't good for most of my usage because most of the time I don't want the 
> console display at all - I just connect to the guests remotely with 
> freenx/ssh/vnc when necessary.  And I have Server 1.x setups that have run for 
> years with no attention or downtime.  I agree that ESXi is better, but it wasn't 
> free when I built the VMs and I'm running some native Centos stuff on the host 
> along with several guests.

> Anyway, my point was that the fabled library ABI stability of RHEL turned out 
> not to work for VMware Server 2.0.   But CentOS did come through with 
> bug-for-bug compatibility as promised, causing the same crashing behavior after 
> the same minor-rev update.

Simple solution really, bring up an ESXi box and use Vmware's free converter tool to convert the old VMs to ESXi (in most cases while they are running). It is a pretty seamless changeover, and ESXi is far better from a supportability and performance standpoint.