[CentOS] VMware (was Re: current bind version)

Fri Feb 25 06:04:40 UTC 2011
Ben <abnormaliti at clivepeeters.com.au>

On 25/02/2011 4:51 PM, John R Pierce wrote:
> On 02/24/11 9:18 PM, Ben wrote:
>> I have begun to switch all my hosts without hardware virtualization, so
>> can't use ESXi, to VirtualBox.
> ESXi only needs hardware virtualization support for 64bit guest VMs.
> as long as you can live with 32bit VMs, you're good with older CPUs.  I
> have it running a dozen or more VMs on a quad Opteron 850 system (4 x
> single core 2.4Ghz)
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Thanks, I did not know that.  I could've swarn I had tested it on some 
old IBM x306.  Will have to take a look into that.

I still like that automation that I get with CentOS, puppet and VirtualBox.