[CentOS] VMware (was Re: current bind version)

Fri Feb 25 11:17:38 UTC 2011
Benjamin Franz <jfranz at freerun.com>

On 02/24/2011 06:04 PM, Les Mikesell wrote:
> Can someone remind me why VMware server 2.x broke with a RHEL/CentOS 5.x glibc
> update?  I switched back to 1.x which I like better anyway, but if the reason
> for putting up with oldness is to keep that from happening, it didn't work.

Ultimately it broke because VMware was never interested in actually 
supporting VMServer 2. It had 'issues' right from the start such as some 
type of resource leak that would (still does) slowly degrade performance 
unless it was rebooted every week or two. It would stop running on a 
kernel upgrade unless you wrote a script to automatically recompile the 
necessary drivers when a kernel upgrade was detected.  After two 
sub-point releases they never addressed the glib incompatibility at all. 
Those of us who continued to use it did so by hacking around so an older 
glibc was loaded just for it. Then there was the 'the manager console 
only works with SSLv2' issue that was never addressed and known security 
problems they pretty much said 'not going to fix'. Finally they 
'redefined' their way out of their own support policy where a previous 
support level became 'you can look for any solutions on the forum'. You 
couldn't even *buy* support for it.

It has been abandonware for years. I've been migrating our systems to 
KVM for some months now.

Benjamin Franz