[CentOS] iSCSI disk preperation

Mon Feb 7 18:56:41 UTC 2011
Jason Brown <jason.brown at millbrookprinting.com>

I am currently going through the process of installing/configuring an
iSCSI target and cannot find a good write up on how to prepare the disks
on the server.  I would like to mirror the two disks and present them to
the client.  Mirroring isn't the question, its how I go about it is the
problem.  When I partitioned the two drives and mirrored them together,
then presented them to the client, it showed to the client as a disk out
no partion on it.  Should I partition the drive again and then lay the
file system down on top of that?  Or should I delete the partitions on
the target server and just have sda and sdb mirrored, then when the
client attaches the disk, then partion it (/dev/sdc1) and write the file