[CentOS] nss_ldap: reconnected to LDAP server ldap://

Fri Feb 18 17:13:39 UTC 2011
Tim Alberts <talberts at msiscales.com>

Hello, I have a problem that I'm really having trouble figuring out.  I 
run CentOS Linux 5.5.  I have three servers.  All have been setup and 
running with LDAP authentication for a couple years with absolutely no 

Unfortunately a couple weeks ago, we had a power outage.  Ever since, I 
am having continuous problems with authentication to the server.  I see 
in /var/log/messages

nss_ldap: reconnected to LDAP server ldap://

I did run a yum update that installed an update to ldap, however that 
did not fix the issue.

I have seen a post mentioning changing 'nss_connect_policy persist' to 
'nss_connect_policy oneshot'.  However I don't see this setting in my 
server, and again, the server was working perfectly fine for years 
before the power outage.

I'm really thinking that some file got corrupted and I just need to 
clean it out.  Maybe a cache file somewhere?

Following is ldap.conf file. Any suggestions?

base dc=inside,dc=msi
timelimit 120
bind_timelimit 120
idle_timelimit 3600
rootbinddn cn=Manager,dc=inside,dc=msi
nss_base_passwd ou=People,dc=inside,dc=msi
nss_base_shadow ou=People,dc=inside,dc=msi
nss_base_group ou=Group,dc=inside,dc=msi
uri ldap:// ldap://my.domain
ssl no
tls_cacertdir /etc/openldap/cacerts
pam_password md5