[CentOS] funding

Tue Feb 22 00:47:16 UTC 2011
compdoc <compdoc at hotrodpc.com>

Maybe what Centos needs is a bridal registry.

Here in the US, an engaged couple can tell their friends what they'd like to
be given as wedding presents. They do this by listing items in a registry,
in various stores around town.

Anyway, the idea is, post stuff you need in a list on your site. Say you
need 20 hard drives, or a particular power supply, or whatever items that
get consumed in day to day operations.

Just list what's needed, who needs it, and whatever info.  It doesn't have
to be hardware either - just something everyone can agree is OK to list.

People visiting the site can look and decide if it's possible to contribute
something - even if it's only one new hard drive of the type needed. Or
maybe a canister of Columbia's finest coffee. (although I supposed consuming
donated foods of any kind from unknown persons is a risk)

And should a contributing member have a hardware failure on his own personal
workstation, why not ask the world for some charity in return for his/her
efforts? Just list what you need, what it is to be used for, and see if we
like you enough to give it to you.

'Contributing members' meaning those known to the community, verifiable, and
who are putting in the hours, or whatever efforts.

And I'm thinking cash donations should be frowned upon because money can be
so easily subverted to doing bad things in the world.