[CentOS] cronjob to intiiate checkdisk ?

Mon Feb 28 09:49:29 UTC 2011
Roland RoLaNd <r_o_l_a_n_d at hotmail.com>

Dear all,

I'm trying to find a way to automate checkdisk every 1 month on a weekend.
in other words i want checkdisk to run every saturday morning.

i can of course change the default mount/count though that wont let me control WHEN it will happen.

so i need your expert opinion with the following if possible: 

1. reboot into single user mode
2. start checkdisk for all disks
3. once done, reboot into runlevel 3

i've did a certain script that force checkdisk at night if there's a bad sector using the badblocks command though that's not enough.

PS: i was thinking of something of this sort:

1 4 * sat /bin/touch /forcefsck;reboot
1  1 * sun rm /forcefsck

Would the above work? for all disks?

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