[CentOS] drivers

Mon Jan 3 06:41:17 UTC 2011
cornel panceac <cpanceac at gmail.com>

2011/1/3 mahmoud mansy <jecko617 at gmail.com>

> hey guys,
> wanna know where to find my graphics card driver for centos5.5
> coz the 5.4 support it and  xserver start automaticly but the 5.5 doesnot
> start and tried to reconfigure  the xorg.conf but it doesnot work too.
> and i noticed that the hardware prob process find a different driver for my
> card .
> mine is arrandle.intel!
> my system is a dell studio laptop 1569!
> thnx in advance
maybe it's because xorg was updated. i'd try something like this:


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