[CentOS] installing windows 2008 server( VM) on a centos xenserver

Mon Jan 3 14:50:25 UTC 2011
Gabriel <gabriel at impactteachers.com>

You won't be installing GUI! Trust me,  yum install virt-manager xauth -
Those are the only packages that will be installed, (plus any required
support packages, which are minimal)


Then via your SSH session, you get the gui running on *your* local X
server - not the remote server. Awesome for remote admin of servers, and
also compressed via ssh, and most of my colo servers prioritise ssh
traffic, so very good connections, even if your servers are being
hammered for traffic. Win win J


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On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 8:14 PM, Gabriel <gabriel at impactteachers.com>

You can install virt-manager on the centos box, and then use it via ssh,
for example


ssh -X user at centoshost.com


Then on the command line, run virt-manager, (you may need to install
xauth as well, but it works a charm)



well i am not given permission to install GUI for the centos (dom0)  :( 

Agnello D'souza

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