[CentOS] [OT] RHEVM List

Thu Jan 6 11:31:14 UTC 2011
Simon Grinberg <simon at redhat.com>

> .... snip ....
> > But the issue is how can I suggest purchase of product/support
> > without
> > knowing if a product works in the first place?
> If you are really serious about evaluation, I am sure your local
> Redhat sales/marketing can work something out for you.

Actually I've tried to reply to this thread but as I've just enlisted to the list I failed to reply to this thread. 
I've tried to email Raju directly though but his is a summary of this email:

At the moment all RHEV evaluation installations are supported, evaluation engagements though are limited in scale to allow for this support. Evaluation engagements are managed by sales and partners.This is why for the time being you can't just download RHEV for evaluation. This means you got RHEV from one of our partners or sales people and you should be entitled to support.

Regardless of the said above, what can I do to help you with the evaluation?

What I understand with from the thread you are trying to use openfiler as your target, have you considered tgt? (I'm using this on all my setups)
Farther more, please try to avoid exposing storage from a VMware workstation VM, the IO performance is far from being satisfactory and may result in poor evaluation experience. If you must have your storage in a VM then it's better to use KVM virtual machine (Found both on Centos or RHEL distributions), use virtio disk and network, and install RHEL/Centos 5.5 guests. Alternative, if you must use VMware is to use ESXi.

Please feel free to contact me for farther assistance - I can suggest other alternatives as well.