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I'm going to chime in here, First off I want to thank Simon for pitching in and trying to help out.....The problem I have is that while I would love to run RHEV, at the moment having to have a windows server to install it on is a bit much for me....in fact it kind of runs opposite of what I am trying to do and that is to not have to do any windows management at all....now of course all of the bigger Enterprise Installations will have windows server at their disposal but not always the smaller guys.....So I am waiting for the RHEV port to linux which I know is under way but can't get here soon enough....if you have any insight as to when that might happen that would be Great.... 


Well the only thing I can assure is that this project is being driven on full steam. 

RHEV Manager is a huge project so the porting to Linux is being done in two leaps. 
The upcoming leap is the migration of the codebase from .Net to Java / IIS to Jboss 
But it's still on windows :( (With REST API interface though, so you'll be able to manage RHEV from Linux environment). 
I can't at the moment provide an exact date to full Linux version but it may still make it to 2011. 

n Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 7:17 AM, Simon Grinberg < simon at redhat.com > wrote: 

With RHEV you'll have SPICE, that does not need both as after installation of the guest tools it does not grab the mouse. 

>VMWare could learn a lot from Sun's and 
> now Oracle's efforts with that tool. 

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