[CentOS] Set font and size in xterm

Sat Jan 8 15:04:29 UTC 2011
Thomas Dickey <dickey at his.com>

According to James B. Byrne:
> I have attempted to set the font size using xrdb and a custom
> ..Xresources file. I can change the colour scheme. I can create a
> scrollbar. I can move the scrollbar to either the right or left
> window margin. What I cannot do is to change the font size.

That sounds as if your machine does not have the bitmap fonts installed.
You can either install them or use the TrueType fonts by using the -fa
option from the command-line or setting the faceName resource in your

The "missing fonts" warning is for less-essential fonts, e.g., for
the input-method, etc.

Thomas E. Dickey