[CentOS] Network Scanner and CentOS 5.5

Sat Jan 8 16:05:49 UTC 2011
Scott Robbins <scottro at nyc.rr.com>

On Sat, Jan 08, 2011 at 10:51:41AM -0500, David McGuffey wrote:

> I have an HP Photosmart 3210 All-in-One color printer.  Printing works
> great, but I cannot get xsane to locate it on the local subnet.
> I've been to the sane site and looked at the backends. The HP 3210 is
> supported by hpio and there is a note that hpio is no longer needed
> because the functionality has been rolled int hplip. yum shows hplip is
> installed:
> hplip.x86_64     1.6.7-4.1.el5.4     installed
> Everything is on an internal nat address space.  Host is at .1,
> Photosmart is at .251

I've found that in both RH/CentOS and Fedora, the hplip seems to be
broken.  Haven't looked into why.  It works with printers, but seems to
regularly fail with scanners.  I know rpmforge also had an rpm--I gave
it one try when it was first released, it didn't work with the scanner,
so I just went back to using the source tarball from hplip.  

Insert warnings about don't use something that isn't an rpm and so on.

You can look at my

which goes into installing it from the hplip source.  

Unfortunately, hplip's site has been offline now for quite awhile,
don't know what the story is.  However, they have a link to download the
source, the only thing that my article is missing is that they said to
uninstall hplip and hpijs with rpm -e.  They might have said uninstall a
few other things too, but you'll find out if you see that you can't
install something because of a conflict.  
> I've gone through several sets of guidance found on the Intenet. Almost
> all is for usb or scsi. Very little guidance on sane-net. Finally found
> one good set of guidance and followed it to configure dll.conf, and
> net.conf.  I've looked at sane.net man page untill I'm cross-eyed.

Missed mine, I guess, or it'd be working.  :)

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