[CentOS] Customizing Centos

Sat Jan 8 19:09:55 UTC 2011
derleader __ <derleader at abv.bg>

  >> There's no restriction in the GPL to prevent you from selling things.  You just 
 >> just can't prohibit the buyer/recipient from redistributing it under the GPL 
 >> terms and you have to make source available. Some of the other licenses are 
 >> different, but none prevent redistribution and none that I know of have terms 
 >> that would prevent that redistribution being a sale.
 >Copyrighted artwork would have to be changed.
 >You may not use the CentOS logos to distribute ISOs that have been modified.
 >  est Regards, Markus Falb

Ok thank you everyone. I have a second question.

My business strategy will be based like Red Hat on selling support and updates to clients.
The most comfortable way for the users will be only to install the made software on empty server and to start using it. To do this I need a way to let the client to enter serial key before installation like Red Hat does.   Is tis source code available on Internet?  Where I can find information how to make this on Centos? 

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