[CentOS] replace x86 with x64 system and reuse existing LVM

Mon Jan 10 02:17:38 UTC 2011
nux at li.nux.ro <nux at li.nux.ro>

Kai Schaetzl writes:

> I want to replace an existing 32bit with a 64bit installation (Centos 5). 
> There's an existing LVM with lots of partitions. Most are used for Xen 
> guests. The system itself uses only one of them plus a separate /boot 
> partition that is not on LVM.
> What's the best course of action here? Should I do the reinstall with 
> kickstart or better manually and reuse the existing filesystem? As I 
> understand once LVM gets loaded it should find the volumes by itself, but 
> will it be able to use the same naming scheme for instance? Or do I have 
> to do some additional stuff, anyway?
> Thanks,
> Kai


Make sure you backup your config files and whatever else is important for 
you (especially /etc/xen and/or /etc/libvirt if the machine is mainly dom0) 
and reinstall from scratch. Install from CD/DVD and be _very_ careful with 
the partitions. If you get it right, all volumes should be preserved. I did 
this a couple of times without problems (and will do it again once Centos 6 
is released :> ).