[CentOS] rpm/yum/repo issue - Error: Package tuple could not be found in packagesack

Mon Jan 10 06:33:03 UTC 2011
nux at li.nux.ro <nux at li.nux.ro>

nux at li.nux.ro writes:

> Hi guys,
> I've been working on a yum repo for PHP 5.2 and today I wanted to update 
> it[1], however on a test machine using my PHP packages (e.g. 
> php-common-5.2.16-1nux) a yum update to the new RPMs with version 5.2.17 
> gives the following error: "Error: Package tuple ('php-common', 'i386', '0', 
> '5.2.17', '1nux') could not be found in packagesack".
> Any rpm guru around has an idea of what is causing this? 
> The php-common package is clearly mentioned in the spec file:
> "%package common
> Group: Development/Languages
> Summary: Common files for PHP
> Provides: php-api = %{apiver}, php-zend-abi = %{zendver}
> Provides: php(api) = %{apiver}, php(zend-abi) = %{zendver}
> # Provides for all builtin modules:
> Provides: php-bz2, php-calendar, php-ctype, php-curl, php-date, php-exif
> Provides: php-ftp, php-gettext, php-gmp, php-hash, php-iconv, php-libxml
> Provides: php-reflection, php-session, php-shmop, php-simplexml, php-sockets
> Provides: php-spl, php-tokenizer, php-openssl, php-pcre
> Provides: php-zlib, php-json, php-zip, php-dbase
> Obsoletes: php-openssl, php-pecl-zip, php-json, php-dbase
> %description common
> The php-common package contains files used by both the php
> package and the php-cli package." 
> [1] - http://www.php.net/archive/2011.php#id2011-01-06-1
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No ideas guys?
What I could figure out is that the spec file is not the problem, it's 
somehow my build environment. If I use the centos-testing repo for php 
everything works fine, if i rebuild the srpm from centos-testing.. the error 
appears again..
I tried building both "manually" and from mock. Same sad result on both