[CentOS] replace x86 with x64 system and reuse existing LVM

Mon Jan 10 18:51:57 UTC 2011
Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com>

Answering here to all three replies, and thanks for all of them! I think 
it should have been clear from my wording that I want to install from 
scratch and wipe the existing OS. I do not want to dualboot or "save" 
anything (or much) from the existing OS. I just want to reuse the existing 
LVM structure with all the existing guests and wasn't sure if this would 
be easily provided by the install wizard or if I needed to do something 
special. Or if I should just install via kickstart reusing the original 
kickstart file with slightly altered options (e.g. don't create volumes, 
just format the correct ones - which might be a tricky and easily mistaken 
one). So, as I understand, a normal install with the custom disk layout 
option should be able to reuse the LVM as I want it, right? Thanks.


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