[CentOS] how to convert 7 cd iso images into one dvd image?

Sat Jan 15 12:45:19 UTC 2011
Michel van Deventer <michel at van.deventer.cx>


On Sat, 2011-01-15 at 12:37 +0000, Keith Roberts wrote:
> >>> So, is there a technique or an open source tool that 
> >>> will create a dvd iso given the cd iso images?
> >> I've seen the DVD ISO files on select mirrors.  it can be 
> >> difficult to reliably transfer a> 4GB file over http/ftp
> I've only had one DVD iso dowload corrupted over http.
> I use a fast mirror and d/l overnight with a wget bash 
> script, run by cron.
I have downloaded hundreds of DVD iso images with wget and curl during
the past years. I had maybe one or two that were corrupted in one way or
another, mostly because of improperly configured (windows) webservers.
>4Gb with HTTP is no problem nowadays, FTP isn't either.
If you have doubts about HTTP/FTP you can always use the Bittorrent way
to download (also with commandline tools like btdownloadcurses or
similar). It doesn't really matter when you download them although in
some cases it can make a difference in speed to download overnight but
with most tools you can also specify a maximum bandwith to use.

To be sure an image is ok you can always check the image with the
md5/sha1 checksum which is normally found in the same directory as the
image on the HTTP/FTP server.

	kind regards,