[CentOS] Server reboots unexpectebly.

Mon Jan 17 14:32:00 UTC 2011
Ed Westphal <enwestph at rochester.rr.com>

On 1/17/2011 7:50 AM, Keith Roberts wrote:
>> Depending on the quality of your power, certainly it can be a factor.
>> We generally have good power, but it's been years since I've run any
>> system (even a test system) without a UPS because you never know when
>> you'll get a notch or spike that'll ruin your day.
> I'm running my home machine on an APC Back-UPS 650. It runs
> generally 24/7 and the UPS has saved my bacon lots of times.
> It's reassuring to hear the UPS switch in when the mains
> suppy flunks out - for a even a split second or two.
> Keith
I really concur with what's been said. I always run every box on more 
than enough UPS - at least 3x more than I need. It still is no 
guarantee. Just had an XP machine blow chips off the board near the 1394 
firewire area, and it took out the Seagate hard drive as well! Only 
thing I can figure is that I must have had a 'whisker growth' short?? 
Otherwise how could I've gotten a short across those components? Glad I 
had a full backup on a USB drive. Replaced board and drive - restored 
and back in business.