[CentOS] Intel DH67BL + CentOS 5.5 IRQ #177 nobody cared

Tue Jan 18 14:54:18 UTC 2011
Luis Trindade <luis.trindade at nfsi.pt>

Hi Drew, 

Why don't you use the mother board incorporated NIC? it does have one right? 

Best Regards, and sorry for my english... :) 

Luís Trindade 
nfsi telecom, lda. 

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We have built a couple of CentOS 5.5 systems on the Intel DH67BL (Sandy Bridge) motherboard and overall they work pretty well. 

I'm having one problem which keeps cropping up and that is an error message that says: 

IRQ 177 nobody cared (try booting with the irqpoll option) 

report bad irq, references CPU idle 

then it references usb_hcd_irq and e1000_intr 

then it disables the add-on PCI E1000 card and disconnects itself from the network. 

I'm assuming what is happening here is the USB controller and the add-on E1000 controller we put in are having an old school IRQ conflict, the question is why and how can I avoid it? 

I have tried disabling all of the extra stuff in the BIOS that I could, and this still happens fairly frequently. 

Any advice would be great. 



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