[CentOS] Intel DH67BL + CentOS 5.5 IRQ #177 nobody cared

Tue Jan 18 15:57:23 UTC 2011
compdoc <compdoc at hotrodpc.com>

>IRQ 177 nobody cared (try booting with the irqpoll option)

>report bad irq, references CPU idle


>I'm assuming what is happening here is the USB controller and the add-on
E1000 controller we put in are having an old school IRQ conflict, the
question is why and how can I avoid it?

IRQ177 means you are using APIC, which gives you over 250 interrupts - far
more than there were in the olden days. There should be enough that nothing
has to share IRQs.


But even before APIC came along, devices had gotten pretty good at sharing


As someone suggested, disable the Plug and Play option in the bios. Try a
different brand of Ethernet card?

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