[CentOS] not able to check in all code into svn which creates problem in deployment

Wed Jan 19 10:12:00 UTC 2011
Hakan Koseoglu <hakan at koseoglu.org>

> On 19 January 2011 06:09, Agnello George <agnello.dsouza at gmail.com> wrote:
>> is there a way i can verify or write a script to check each file that is in
>> the SVN  is same as that in the dev environment .
> find . -type f | grep -v .svn | xargs md5sum
Obviously the above will compare the export vs. your dev env. The SVN
will always have the correct version, otherwise you have a much
serious problem than you think you have. Check the export branch and
the dev branch, I wonder if you are working against the same branch.
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