[CentOS] Troubles for an non-IT beginner

Wed Jan 19 15:25:17 UTC 2011
Christopher R Webber <christopher.webber at ucr.edu>

I find that in places where I don¹t have latest and greatest hardware,
CEntOS makes a much better Desktop OS than Ubuntu. If all I am doing is
running a web browser for the most part, I use CEntOS.

-- cwebber

On 1/19/11 7:13 AM, "John Hodrien" <J.H.Hodrien at leeds.ac.uk> wrote:

>On Wed, 19 Jan 2011, Les Mikesell wrote:
>> CentOS would likely only be used as a desktop OS by people who also run
>> servers and like everything to be the same.  They all assemble
>> the same set of upstream packages, though, so it is possible to make
>> all do the same things with varying amounts of work in finding current
>> packages that might be missing in the base distribution.
>I do think CentOS gets unreasonably knocked as a desktop OS.  I definitely
>don't use it on desktops *because* I run it on servers.
>All the advantages of long release cycles apply to desktops.  Despite
>thinking otherwise, many users require relatively few packages to be the
>latest shiniest, so running a bleeding edge distro isn't really needed.
>then, a reasonably amount of software can end up being commercial, where
>is currently better supported than any other linux release.  Where users
>have requirements that diverge from the base OS, it's probably a good
>idea for
>that to be satisfied out of the main OS tree anyway, as that lets you
>local requirements while keeping the core identical across the board.
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