[CentOS] How to disable screen locking system-wide?

Thu Jan 20 08:54:45 UTC 2011
Rudi Ahlers <Rudi at SoftDux.com>

On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 10:34 AM, Sorin Srbu <sorin.srbu at orgfarm.uu.se> wrote:
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>>> By default, CentOS v5 requires a user's password when the system wakes
>>> up from the screensaver.  This can be disabled by each user, but how
>>> can I disable this system-wide?  Many of my users forget to do this,
>>> which results in workstations being locked up.
>>Ctrl-Alt-Bksp will fix that right up.  I'm not a big fan of users leaving
>>workstations unsecured when they walk away.
> Wouldn't that kill any programs, or whatever, the user has running?

Yup, and it totally defeats the purpose of what the OP actually wanted
todo. Imagine your account being busy with your year-end books, and
has to run to the toilet (she is a bit sick) now you come and press
CTRL+ALT+Bksp and loose everything she's done. And, if she had a lot
of invoices and statements already processed then she may need to redo
it. Now, how do you explain to your boss that you just cost him
another day with an expensive accountant because you're too ignorant
to properly address the issue?

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