[CentOS] How to disable screen locking system-wide?

Thu Jan 20 13:10:35 UTC 2011
Sorin Srbu <sorin.srbu at orgfarm.uu.se>

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>>> I don't know the exact path but you can use gconftool-2 (or
>>> gconf-editor as a GUI) to set the screensaver not to lock (and mimick
>>> doing so by changing the screensaver preferences in
>>> "System-Preferences-Screensaver").
>> That's a per-user setting you describe, right?
>No, you can make that work for all users with gconf-editor by editing the
>right file.  My previously suggested solution just does that in one go
>without a gui:
>gconftool-2 --direct \
>--config-source xml:readwrite:/etc/gconf/gconf.xml.mandatory --type bool
>--set /apps/gnome-screensaver/lock_enabled false
>That makes it mandatory, so it can't be overridden, and will affect all
>users. Only fixes it for gnome, I don't know what the equivalent fix is for
>KDE.  You need to take other steps to enforce it in the other direction, as
>killall gnome-screensaver would defeat it.

Ah, I misunderstood first. The penny dropped now. 8-) Thanks.

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